By Chris Jones

“The realisation that such a sublime mechanism exists gives rise to the understanding of where it is that the physical and metaphysical meet”.

Coming to terms with any chaotic aspects of oneself and one’s life can be a challenge to say the least.

With or without knowing it, we are all on a journey of self-discovery, purely by the fact of being here in the physical world.

My own past experiences of chaotic waves crashing through me during meltdown have left me so shattered that I was left with no sense of myself, to the degree that I became numb. However, slowly and gently the tight rings of anxiety and stress around my chest and around my skull loosened. Little by little my thoughts, feelings and expressions began to include more desire for change, even if that change meant making the very smallest of choices. At least it was a choice and I was starting to choose and exercise choice again.

I realized my slate in life was wiped clean and an opportunity had now been presented to start life over. I began to realize that my experience of it was the best thing that could have happened for me.

With life edits and the shifting out of a number of personal possessions, both physically and meta-physically, room and space was created. The practice of meditation that I’d started as a young teenager resumed again and it began to have a much deeper effect.

The book contains a number of those meditations and the lessons with Teachers Elders and Guides from other realms, giving their assistance along unique paths of self-discovery.

Finding out that there is a mechanism in life and living that enables you to change your life and change who you are into something different, something new, something more authentic and to reacquaint your, self, with a grounded and simplified understanding of personal peace and power that is available to you is surely a blessing.

To find that the use of such a mechanism simply requires us to be who we are is both straight forward and reassuring.

However, do we know who we are and how do we discover who we are if we do not know?

The journey of self-discovery can be a bit like fighting to see the light of self through a lens clouded by our own presumptions. Recognizing the self as a work in progress can be an opportunity to see ourselves again with fresh eyes.

The Prism is about realizing and accepting our own multisided selves and actualizing our conscious participation in the creative expressions of self.

The Prism is the story of a mechanism and a journey of self-discovery. It is about a return to authentic peace within the self and a return to gentleness.

It is a story about the profound importance of friendship with the self and the effects upon the relationships that we create with the world around us, as well as the relationships that we in turn, receive.


The author writes of his night time astral travels as a child to the encounters with Teachers Elders Guides from other realms. The Prism is about the delights of finding the self as an active part of unity-consciousness and an aspect of all that is.

From crystal skulls to ancient civilisations. The Prism is about finding a sense of self outside of chaos. A movement towards open heartedness, increased headspace and a gentler, more expansive acceptance of self. Did our ancient peoples know of this mechanism and did they leave us the knowledge of how the golden ages were achieved? Could we achieve it again?

The Prism is about unity of the physical and meta-physical projections of ourselves. The frequencies and the resonances that we create and share with the world.

“From a childhood of astral travels and joyful wonder to a loss of self-esteem and self-loathing during adulthood. From nature spirits and life in other realms to a knowledge of light and information introduced to me by fibre optics pioneer Charles Keo but later further illustrated by Teachers Elders Guides during meditation. With the help and unconditional love of Teachers Elders Guides patiently watching and guiding, their assistance brought about a return for me to my natural loving acceptance of the world around me and my place in it, that I’d had as a child.”

When the enigma of the self and the journeys of self-discovery can be seen as a refractive and reflective example of the evolving universe itself, there is an opportunity to discover a path for the self of personal and unique unity with all things.

The Prism is a way to consider the self and a way to consider the world around us. The Prism describes a simple exchange where free will and non-discrimination gives us an opportunity to experience what we put out, what we co-create and to consciously actualize the things that give us personal joy and to realize that the nature of sovereignty innate to the cosmos, to life and to self, is the same sovereignty. The Prism is about the light in all things, the light in you, the light in me and the resonance we share. Welcome to a way of looking at sharing life and living with the self.

Welcome to The Prism.

So let it not be hidden!

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 About the author

Drumming for bands and musical artists brought with it the chance for the author to travel and mix with creative people around the world. It also led to an interest in sound healing, theatre in education and drama therapy, including working the care and resettlement of ex-offenders.

An accident in 1989 changed his life and, by 2006, his marriage had broken down and he was divorced. An opportunity arose to begin life all over again and in 2007 he embarked on fulfilling a childhood wish to learn to fly a small plane. This would see him return to the appreciation he’d had as a child, when he’d first experienced the freedom and wonderment of astral travel as a four year old.

The process led to a sea change and reawakened his acquaintance with what he called the Teachers Elders Guides, who had accompanied him on his early astral flights.

Now as an adult, his lessons from them, were to gently and lovingly begin again and a number of long standing synchronicities were about to come into alignment.

Through 2008, Chris lived in the south of France in the Pyrenees, deep in the heart of Cathar country, where he began writing and collecting notes he’d made since being a young teenager. Then he attended courses at the Arthur Findlay College in UK, studying Psychic Sciences. This marked the start of a progression back into healing modalities.

Chris currently lives in the English countryside on the borders of Hertfordshire and Essex. He divides his time between volunteering as a care worker and his love for reading, writing, meditation and sketching faces and portraits.